• By admingreen
  • / Janeiro 6, 2023
  • / Corporate

Green Venture, through its subsidiary Simplewatt, is building a 40 MWp solar park in Valpaços, in the north of Portugal. This solar park, whose installation was attributed to CJR Renewables, will have an annual production that is estimated to reach 63GWh and should have the capacity to supply energy to around 5000 homes. The end of the construction and beginning of the operations of the park is estimated to occur in May 2023.

For Luís Machado, Head of Project and Engineering at Green Venture, “this is the first project developed by Green Venture ‘inside doors from A to Z’, thanks to a capable, competent and determined team. We must also not forget to thank all the external entities that supported us, as well as the public entities that collaborated and allowed the installation of the plant in its current location”.