• By admingreen
  • / Janeiro 11, 2023
  • / Corporate

Green Venture starts 2023 with an investment plan for the next two years with a set of projects totaling around 500MW, all of which are in the development and/or construction phase. The location of this set of photovoltaic parks and wind farms is spread across the territory of mainland Portugal. From the point of view of installed capacity, the company also invested in diversity, having small production units (SPUs) and medium-sized projects.

For Edgar Arieira, General Manager of Green Venture, “The implementation of these projects and their development are the result of a strategic plan that was previously outlined by the company’s shareholders and implemented by the Green Venture team. We are now focused on our country, given its characteristics, namely the excellent wind and photovoltaic resources. And, while we are taking steps towards the diversification of the portfolio from a geographic point of view, we are focused on meeting the milestones associated with these 500MW in a timely manner and with this affirming Green Venture as a developer of excellence and, in due time, an asset manager of renewable energy recognized by the market”.