• By admingreen
  • / Janeiro 18, 2023
  • / Corporate

With the end of 2022, Green Venture’s second year of activity is registered. The evolution of the company’s portfolio is noteworthy, but so is the point of view of human resources: compared to January 2020, the company increased the number of employees on its staff by 300%. The feeling is mutual: to materialize the strategy outlined day after day, so that the foreseen objectives can be achieved in all the projects that exist in the pipeline. For the year 2023, the Green Venture team is expected to grow. By the end of the 1st quarter of 2023, there should be a 25% growth in the number of people for various functions and functional areas, and by the end of the year this increase should be 75%. For the company’s General Director, Edgar Arieira, “human resources are necessary and essential for the company’s success, which is why investing in their well-being is fundamental for us. At Green Venture, our employees have the opportunity to grow professionally and overcome fantastic challenges!” This opinion is also supported by Nuno Matos, the company’s most recent employee: “These have been challenging times, with several projects in view for the near future. I found a team that immediately set me up and made me feel welcome. Green Venture has proved to be a company focused on results, but equally concerned with the development of its human resources, investing in continuous training and knowledge and with a great environment of mutual help.”