• By admingreen
  • / Janeiro 26, 2023
  • / Corporate

The Zagorow Wind Farm (WF), installed in Poland, wholly owned by Green Venture through a company incorporated under Polish law, produced 16 480 MWh during 2022. It should be noted that the Zagorow WF benefits from the Green Certificates incentive system, whose objective is to support renewable energy producers in the Polish market which, in the case of 2022, represented an additional production of 17,615 MWh.

Bruno Sousa, Investment Officer at Green Venture, who accompanies the Zagorow WF, confirmed that “2022 had very positive results, largely due to the evolution of energy prices and the fact that our team was able to take advantage of the market momentum when negotiating PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) with excellent conditions, despite the volume of wind production having fallen short of expectations.”