• By admingreen
  • / Fevereiro 9, 2023
  • / Corporate

Green Venture has been expanding its scope of action through the growth of its team, both in number of people and in different areas of activity. Currently, it has internal know-how that allows it to address all phases of project development – namely in park design, engineering, procurement and management of licensing processes in the various competent institutions.

In addition to these competences that can be considered core in a company like Green Venture, the company is prepared to structure typical financing processes in renewable energy projects (project & structured finance) and to streamline asset M&A processes, these competences being important for the management and composition of the company’s pipeline. One of Green Venture’s most recent internal competencies is the negotiation and management of PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements), increasingly important processes in the management of renewable energy assets.

For Edgar Arieira, General Director of the company, “the human resources hiring and management policy is a key vector at Green Venture, not only to guarantee the quality and good execution of the projects under development, but also to optimize the profitability of existing ones.”