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  • / Fevereiro 24, 2023
  • / Corporate

Diogo Duarte, Trading Officer of Green Venture

Diogo Duarte has been a Trading Officer at Green Venture since 2022. One of his responsibilities is monitoring the energy markets in Europe, especially in countries where Green Venture has either wind farms in operation or projects under development.

One of Diogo’s goals is also to be updated on energy prices in countries that are considered a priority in Green Venture’s investment plan. Another important task for Diogo is the coordination and negotiation of PPAs. For that, our Trading Officer knows the importance of in-depth knowledge of the market and keeping a strong relationship management between companies. Diogo is also focused on building a “bridge” between the engineering and the financial part of the projects, knowing the technical capabilities of the projects as best as possible and, therefore, maximizing them in financial terms when negotiating PPA’s with tier-1 offtakers.

For Diogo, “At Green Venture, I have all the tools and support (internal and external) I need to gain experience and track record, and also have a more accurate decision-making process to maximize the monetization of our projects’ energy production.”