Green Venture and a banking club, including La Banque Postale and Banco Santander Totta, reached an agreement last December for the financing of the Valpaços Solar Park (40MWp). This agreement, whose financial closing took place last February, was materialized through a privately offered bond issuance. The total amount of the issuance was €13.3m and the total amount involved in the Facility Agreement was €16.4m. La Banque Postale took the role of Mandated Lead Arranger, Agent and Coordinator of the financing operation. Banco Santander Totta took the role of Mandated Lead Arranger, Accounts Bank and Paying Bank. The financiers were assisted in this operation by Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados as Lender’s Legal Adviser and by G-Advisory as Lender’s Technical Adviser. Green Venture was assisted in this operation by Marsh, Risk & Capital, the entity that assumed the role of Sole Financial Adviser, and by PRA – Raposo, Sá, Miranda & Associados and CCR Legal as Sponsor’s Legal Advisers. In parallel and given its importance for this financing operation, Green Venture signed two PPAs with international off-takers, having been advised in this process by the company Jota Quattro Advisors in the role of Origination and PPA Advisers. For Joaquim Pinto, Head of Investments of Green Venture, “this was an important milestone for the company: our first funding process with international financial players to fund the PV Plant in a more advanced stage in our portfolio. We, as a team and as a company, learned a lot from this process, and I am 100% sure that we are fully prepared for the next projects!”