In March, at the Douro Royal Valley Hotel & Spa, the leaders of Green Venture gathered for the annual Strat Kaizen workshop to review Green Venture’s past results and set goals and key objectives for 2023-2025. The management team also discussed the initiatives needed to achieve these strategies. This process will culminate in Matrix X, where initiatives and goals for 2023 will be consolidated to achieve Green Venture’s Strategic Vision for 2023-2025.

According to Edgar Arieira, General Manager, “The Green Venture team is aligned with the standards of the Kaizen Institute and we are working to obtain a more agile and precise team, increasing our performance and the company’s results. These events are always a good time to share our vision with each other and become more focused and aware of our goals. After the Strat Kaizen event we, at Green Venture, became “hostages” of these figures”.

Strat Kaizen workshops are crucial for organizations to reflect on their past performance and set clear goals and objectives for the future. By bringing leaders and key stakeholders together, these meetings facilitate collaboration and alignment on the strategies and initiatives needed to achieve the organization’s vision. This kind of strategic planning is essential for long-term success and growth.