green venture


  • Green Venture is a private investment and asset management holding firm based in Portugal, focused on the clean energy sector, established by a trustworthy, highly-qualified and multidisciplinary team, advancing the entire value chain by providing industry-leading energy solutions around the globe.
  • Through strategic business partnerships established in co-operation with reputable and prominent international companies, we are able to provide various solutions and to partner with local players to create added value investments.


Our Services

Green Venture solutions include packaged services throughout the entire power plant lifecycle from project development, design and engineering, project financing and investment, procurement, optimization, and project construction management through operations and maintenance, aiming the best economic efficiency.

Green Venture has developed world-class construction management capabilities and achieved a high level of construction performance with our experience and direct access to sophisticated technology from within the company, having constructed projects around the world.

Operation and Maintenance is one of the most critical factors that drive a power plant to realize projected revenues. Our goal is to optimize our customers' power plants to produce the maximum amount of energy, and therefore revenue under their power purchase agreement, throughout its operational life.

our projects

worldwide solutions

Our company is capable of carrying out projects of high technical and financial complexity, and supporting effectively the investment and divestment operations, by promoting effective operation, good governance, and ethical business conduct.